Thank you very much for sending the Acknowledgement Letter for my participation in “2014 EU-China Business & Technology Cooperation Fair (IX)” in Chengdu.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team members on everything you have done during the preparation phase as well as through the fair itself, for making this event exceptional and making all of us feeling very welcomed in Chengdu.
Thank you so much for the opportunity to find out more about China and Chinese way of living, working and doing business, right on the spot, in the beautiful and prosperous Sichuan province, cause that is the best way to learn more about and to get along with those who make everything possible in China – incredibly hard working, proud and above all astonishing in each and every aspect: people of China!

It was my honor and my pleasure to attend to the IX EU China Technology Fair. The truth is that the recognition, the acknowledgement, the gratitude and the congratulations for the well done jobs
I sincerely believe that there are good opportunities for technology collaboration among Sichuan and Spanish companies, and, therefore, of deeper collaboration among CDTI and EUPIC.

Just few words, acknowledging your outstanding effort, making my participation in the fórum, of the last week, very fruitful and pleasant. A special remark is owed to all the reminders received, for the preparation of presentations and also to the good hand given by all of you for the B2B meetings, which were very interesting and promising for future projects.

I sincerely hope to participate in future activities of EUPIC, and receive, from all you also, such committed support.

Thank you so much for an excellent event last week in Chengdu.
It is difficult to imagine, the organisation was flawless and the quality of speakers and networking opportunities was very high.I appreciate the amount of hard work you all put in to organise everything. It was all worthwhile. I am in Beijing now where the weather is much much colder and I miss the warmth of Chengdu.
Thank you once again for an amazing event and for your excellent hospitality and friendship.

This was a great experience and we have made the way clear for a good collaboration between us, EEN Netherlands and EEN China. Hope we can do good business in the coming future.
Would like to ask you to keep me informed about the results concerning the Dutch participants of the Matchmaking event.

On behalf of the whole Slovak delegation and my team that participated at business mission to China on October 20th – 26th, 2014, let me express my gratitude for inviting us to EU-China Business and Technology Fair and Western China International Fair in Chengdu.
I highly appreciate the organization and arrangement of such valuable event and the opportunity to meet potential business partners and future friends.
I would also like to thank you for your help while preparing the whole mission and the exhibition.
I would like our cooperation to continue to ensure the development of Slovak-Chinese business and friendly relationships. I am looking forward for your visit in Slovakia.