EUPIC Visited AVAESEN and AINIA in Valencia, Spain

  EUPIC Visited AVAESEN and AINIA in Valencia, Spain

  EUPIC delegates visited AVAESEN on January 20th in Valencia, Spain and had a sound meeting with President, Mr. Marcos J. Lacruz Lopez and Director, Ms. Bianca Dragomir to discuss the future’s lateral cooperation in brokerage and the 10th EU-China Business & Technology Cooperation Fair.


  AVAESEN was founded in 2006 and is a non-profitable organization mainly focusing on the energy and clean fields including both inland and ocean industries. At present, there are 160 companies(most of them are SMEs) in AVAESEN, nearly 80% of the companies have international cooperation experiences. In 2014, AVAESEN was first time to make the visit to Chengdu for the 9th EU-China Cooperation and impressed by the Chengdu events.


  AVAESEN was interested in cooperation with EUPIC in the energy related fields especially the newly developed maritime energy which will be involved in the 10th EU-China Business & Technology Cooperation in Qingdao stop. During the meeting, both the participants have discussed the specific cooperation in this year’s events.


  In the afternoon of January 20th, EUPIC held meeting with AINIA(ainia centro tecnológico ), one of the biggest food related industrial association in Spain.


  AINIA is headquartered in Valencia, Spain and founded in 1987. With initially 30 local food manufacturing companies and developed into 736 companies and members nowadays, and the fields have developed from the sole food fields into more than 10 industries including energy, ICT, medical devices, general aviation and environmental protection etc. Since AINIA is one of EEN partners and also one of the executor of H2020 projects.


  Mr. Jorge Saludes, the head of international projects from AINIA discussed with EUPIC visitors on the future’s specific projects with EUPIC, such as the organization of AINIA business mission to Chengdu for the 10th EU-China BTCF and some international projects cooperation (H2020). After the meeting, Jorge showed around the AINIA lab, R & D center and facilities with EUPIC delegates.