With the aim of further accelerating the strategic plan for the opening of coastal areas in China, Business Associations both in China and EU (e.g. European Chamber of Commerce, national Chambers of Commerce from the EU Member States) as well as domestic business associations, international organizations and industry associations will be invited to gather together for discussing potential synergies and promoting in-depth cooperation.

Marine Engineering Equipment Manufacturing industry is an important part of strategic emerging industries, which is also a significant sub-set of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry.

With its high focusing in knowledge technology and low consumption of material resources and its great growth potential, Marine Engineering Equipment Manufacturing industry is one of the leading industry to develop the maritime economy as a whole. Experts for marine innovation, business representatives and research institutes will participate and share their insights on how to strengthen the marine industry, technological innovation and improve equipment supporting capacity. 

The EU has a worldwide leading position in the field of marine biotechnologies, such as: marine genomics and proteomics, bioinformatics, marine nanotechnology, marine environmental biotechnology, aquaculture, cell culture, etc. . The related education and trainings sectors are also at the most advanced in the world. Shandong province and Qingdao also play an important role in Chinese marine biotechnology industry:   both areas have broad cooperation opportunities.

In addition to the participation of government officials from EU and EU members states, the seminar will be also attended by the European Marine Biotechnology cluster, associations, research institutions and enterprise representatives. 

Aiming to strengthen the maritime industry innovation and technology cooperation between the EU and China, this forum will focus on the exploration of policy innovation, cooperation and coordination mechanisms for the development and utilization of ocean. Keynote speeches and interactions are expected to generates new ideas and cooperation intentions regarding blue economy. 

Exposition of new products and advanced technologies both from EU and China.

Individual matchmaking will be organized for European and Chinese companies in the field of Marine Bio-technology, Maritime Machinery and Equipment, Marine Bio-Pharmacy, New Energy and Environment Protection, IT etc.